A little early? Approaching the Cherry Blossom Front! Event Banner Sakurazensen
Start (JST) March 8 2016 17:00
End (JST) March 17 2016 13:59
End (PST) March 17 10:59pm
Okai ChisatoSSR11 icon Okai Chisato
Point Gacha, SSR
Nakanishi KanaSR07 icon Nakanishi Kana
Point Gacha, SR
Ikuta ErinaSSR12 icon Ikuta Erina
Gacha, SSR
Suzuki KanonSSR08 icon Suzuki Kanon
Gacha, SSR
Oda SakuraSSR08 icon Oda Sakura
Gacha, SSR
Nakajima SakiSR10 icon Nakajima Saki
Gacha, SR
Hagiwara MaiSR10 icon Hagiwara Mai
Gacha, SR

A little early? Approaching the Cherry Blossom Front! Event (チョット早い?さくら前線接近中イベント; Chotto hayai? Sakurazensen sekkin-chū ibento) is the Point Gacha event of March 2016.

Bonus Cards

All bonus cards from the previous event still give bonus. Additionally 3 new cards can be useful:

  • The SSR Oda Sakura card (One and Only vers.) from this event's Gacha gives 300% bonus
  • The event cards: SSR Okai Chisato (80%) and SR Nakanishi Kana (30%).


Sakurazensen GachaSakurazensen Point GachaSakurazensen New Fes Gacha

There are three Gachas in total:

  • The usual event Gacha, played with Star Stones
  • The Event Point Gacha, played with Event Points (one pull = 1000 points)
  • The NEWFES Gacha, to celebrate the addition of Boogie Woogie Love.

The latter only gives one new duet card (Morito Chisaki / Ozeki Mai). The event cards can be found in the Point Gacha, the rest in the Star Stone Gacha.

Event Costume

This event's costume is based on Morning Musume.'15's ENDLESS SKY. There are three parts to it: The dress, shoes and hair decoration. All parts drop as Live Rewards. Its Stage Appeal is High Tension (Big).


On the first day of the event at noon (Japanese Time) Country Girls Boogie Woogie Love has been added to the game.

The event's name is similar to the A little early? Hello! Pro Pool Open Event.

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