Chocolate Daisakusen (チョコレート大作戦, engl: Operation Chocolate), is the 2016 Valentine's Day event.

There are several tasks to this event: There are two Event Point Gacha as well as an Event Point Gacha collection task.

Collection Rewards

As in previous collection events most of the prizes are Star Stone Fragments. Now there's also DX Chocolate Points, which are used for the second Event Point Gacha. You can get them at 500, 25,000 and 50,000 points.

Additionally there are R Oda Sakura and R Miyamoto Karin cards as well as a few SR Ikuta Erina cards.

Lastly, some costume parts can be collected: The skirt at 2,000, the blouse at 6,000 and the chocolate at 10,000 points.

Bonus Cards

The bonus cards for this event are

  • From last event's Gacha:
    • SSR Ishida Ayumi, +300%
    • SSR Sato Masaki, +200%
    • SSR Oda Sakura, +150%
    • SR Makino Maria, +100%
  • From the current event's collection rewards:
    • SR Ikuta Erina, +50%
  • Last event's special cards:
    • SSR Yajima Maimi, +75%
    • SSR Nakajima Saki, +75%
    • SSR Hagiwara Mai, +75%
  • From the Special Live Event January:
    • SSR Kudo Haruka, +100%
    • SR Tamura Meimi, +50%

Chocolate Points Gacha

Choco Point Gacha

The Point Gacha features the 3 event cards SSR Wada Ayaka, SSR Miyazaki Yuka and SR Morito Chisaki.

DX Chocolate Points Gacha

Choco Point Gacha DX

The DX Point Gacha features the same cards as the other Point Gacha, but your chances on rare cards are much higher.

Valentine Costume

The costume this time isn't based on any single's costume. The parts can be collected through Choco Points collection. Blouse and skirt's Stage Appeal is High Tension (Big), while the heart is Heat Up (Big).


After introducing microphone cards that can raise a members experience points a few events ago, this event introduces pens that can help you leveling up a member's Stage Appeal level.

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