Start (JST) 14:00 December 25 2014
End (JST) 13:59 January 13 2015
Suzuki AiriSSR01 icon Suzuki Airi
Event Gacha, SSR
Iikubo HarunaSR01 icon Iikubo Haruna
Event Gacha, SR
Kudo HarukaSR02 icon Kudo Haruka
Event Gacha, SR
Miyazaki YukaSR02 icon Miyazaki Yuka
Event Gacha, SR

During the New Year's holiday event period, you can earn cards that are dressed in gorgeous kimonos.


During the New Year's holiday event period, it is possible to acquire the New Year limited concert stage costume as a reward after live clear! The higher your score, the more likely they will drop.


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