Gekitō! Score Ranking Banner gekito
Start (JST) September 2 2016 17:00
End (JST) September 6 2016 23:59
End (PST) September 6 05:59pm
Sato MasakiSSR19 icon Sato Masaki
Reward, SSR
Ishida AyumiSSR14 icon Ishida Ayumi
Gacha, SSR
Nomura MinamiSSR07 icon Nomura Minami
Gacha, SSR
Asakura KikiSSR02 icon Asakura Kiki
Gacha, SSR

The Gekitō! Score Ranking (激闘!スコアランキング; Hot Fight! Score Ranking) event is the Point Ranking event for September 2016. Once again, your points depend on your score. The points you get are your score minus the last 4 digits.

Ranking Rewards

  • 1-10
    • SSR Sato Masaki x2
    • 500 Star Stone Fragments
  • 11-50
    • SSR Sato Masaki x2
    • 400 Star Stone Fragments
  • 51-100
    • SSR Sato Masaki
    • 350 Star Stone Fragments
  • 101-300
    • SSR Sato Masaki
    • 300 Star Stone Fragments
  • 301-500
    • SSR Sato Masaki
    • 250 Star Stone Fragments
  • 501-750
    • SSR Sato Masaki
    • 200 Star Stone Fragments
  • 751-1000
    • SSR Sato Masaki
    • 150 Star Stone Fragments
  • 1001-15000
    • 100 Star Stone Fragments
  • 1501-3500
    • 75 Star Stone Fragments
  • 3501-5000
    • 50 Star Stone Fragments


Previous event's gacha keeps going for this event. On the first day of the event a special Country Girls Gacha has been held.


Additionally to last event's skirt and gloves this event delivers the top and boots for ANGERME's Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku costume. Their Stage Appeal is Heat Up (Big) and they drop as Live Rewards.


An expert version for Country Girls' Itooshikutte Gomen ne has been added to the game on the first day.

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