Hakunetsu! Point Kōhaku-sen (April) Banner pointkohaapril
Start (JST) April 21 2017 17:00
End (JST) April 25 2017 23:59
End (PST) April 21 2017 03:59am
Sasaki RikakoGR01 icon Sasaki Rikako
Winning Reward, GR
Sasaki RikakoSSR09 icon Sasaki Rikako
Ranking Reward, SSR
Sato MasakiSSR22 icon Sato Masaki
Ranking Reward, SSR

The Hakunetsu! Point Kōhaku-sen event is a team based point ranking event in April 2017.

Ranking Rewards

  • All members of the Winning Team
    • GR Sasaki Rikako x1
  • 1
    • SSR Sasaki Rikako x5
  • 2-5
    • SSR Sasaki Rikako x4
  • 6-10
    • SSR Sasaki Rikako x3
  • 11-100
    • SSR Sasaki Rikako x2
    • SSR Sato Masaki x1
  • 101-250
    • SSR Sasaki Rikako x1
    • SSR Sato Masaki x2
  • 251-500
    • SSR Sato Masaki x3
  • 501-750
    • SSR Sato Masaki x2
  • 751-1000
    • SSR Sato Masaki x1
  • under 1000
    • 100 Star Stone Fragments


The event costume is based on ANGERME's Dondengaeshi. Its Stage Appeal is Sound Ace.

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