Hakunetsu! Point Kōhaku-sen (June) Banner pointkohajune
Start (JST) June 23 2017 17:00
End (JST) June 27 2017 23:59
End (PST) June 27 2017 03:59am
Sato MasakiGR02 icon Sato Masaki
Ranking Reward, GR
Sato MasakiSSR27 icon Sato Masaki
Ranking Reward, SSR
Yamagishi RikoSSR03 icon Yamagishi Riko
Ranking Reward, SSR

The Hakunetsu! Point Kōhaku-sen is an group ranking event in June 2017.

Ranking Rewards

  • Winning Team
    • GR Sato Masaki x1
  • 1
    • SSR Sato Masaki x5
  • 2-5
    • SSR Sato Masaki x4
  • 6-10
    • SSR Sato Masaki x3
  • 11-100
    • SSR Sato Masaki x2
    • SSR Yamagishi Riko x1
  • 101-250
    • SSR Sato Masaki x1
    • SSR Yamagishi Riko x2
  • 251-500
    • SSR Yamagishi Riko x3
  • 501-750
    • SSR Yamagishi Riko x2
  • 751-1000
    • SSR Yamagishi Riko x1
  • worse than 1001
    • 100 Star Stone Fragments



The event costume is based on ANGERME's Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku. It's Stage Appeal is Heat Up (Big).


On the first day of the event ANGERME's Ai Sae Areba Nani mo Irannai has been added to the game.

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