Hakunetsu! Point Kōhaku-sen (March) Banner pointkohamarch
Start (JST) March 21 2017 17:00
End (JST) March 28 2017 23:59
End (PST) March 28 2017 03:59am
Suzuki AiriLE01 icon Suzuki Airi
Gacha, LE
Suzuki AiriGR01 icon Suzuki Airi
Winning Reward, GR
Suzuki AiriSSR31 icon Suzuki Airi
Ranking Reward, SSR
Miyazaki YukaSSR07 icon Miyazaki Yuka
Ranking Reward, SSR

The Hakunetsu! Point Kōhaku-sen is a point ranking event in March 2017.

Ranking Rewards

Winning Team
GR Suzuki Airi
  • 1
    • SSR Suzuki Airi x5
  • 2-5
    • SSR Suzuki Airi x4
  • 6-10
    • SSR Suzuki Airi x3
  • 11-100
    • SSR Suzuki Airi x2
    • SSR Miyazaki Yuka x1
  • 101-250
    • SSR Suzuki Airi x1
    • SSR Miyazaki Yuka x2
  • 251-500
    • SSR Miyazaki Yuka x3
  • 501-750
    • SSR Miyazaki Yuka x2
  • 751-1000
    • SSR Miyazaki Yuka x1
  • 1000 and lower
    • 100 Star Stone Fragments



This event's costume is based on ANGERME's Dondengaeshi. All three parts drop as Live Rewards. Its Stage Appeal is Sound Ace.


On the first day of the event an expert version of °C-ute's Momoiro Sparkling was added to the game.

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