Hakunetsu Kōhaku-sen Event Banner Kouhaku
Start (JST) May 17 2016 17:00
End (JST) May 24 2016 13:59
End (PST) May 24 10:59pm
Nakanishi KanaUR01 icon Nakanishi Kana
Gacha, UR
Suzuki KanonSSR12 icon Suzuki Kanon
Ranking Reward, SSR
Ikuta ErinaSSR13 icon Ikuta Erina
Ranking Reward, SSR

The Hakunetsu kōhaku-sen Event (白熱 紅白戦イベント; Incandescent red-white game event) is a team event in May 2016.

The players are divided into two teams, one white and one red team, and have to gather as many event points as possible. The winning team ends up with the better ranking rewards.

Ranking Rewards

Winning Team
    • Whole Team: SSR Suzuki Kanon (photo card)
  • 1st-10th place
    • SSR Suzuki Kanon (photo card)
    • SSR Ikuta Erina (photo card)
  • 11th-100th place
    • SSR Ikuta Erina (photo card)
  • 101st-250th place
    • SSR Kudo Haruka
  • 251st-500th place
    • 400 Star Stone Fragments
  • Lower than 500th place
    • 200 Star Stone Fragments
Losing Team
  • 1st-3rd place
    • SSR Suzuki Kanon (photo card)
    • SSR Ikuta Erina (photo card)
  • 4th-50th place
    • SSR Ikuta Erina (photo card)
  • 51st-200th place
    • SSR Kudo Haruka
  • 201st-500th place
    • 200 Star Stone Fragments
  • Lower than 500th place
    • 100 Star Stone Fragments

Collection Rewards

Reward List
Kouhaku Points Earned Reward
100 25 Star Stone Fragments
500 25 Star Stone Fragments
1,000 Costume [Kobushi Pants]
2,500 100 Star Stone Fragments
5,000 Live Energy
7,500 50 Star Stone Fragments
10,000 2 Live Energy
15,000 50 Star Stone Fragments
20,000 75 Star Stone Fragments
30,000 3 Live Energy
40,000 100 Star Stone Fragments
75,000 100 Star Stone Fragments
100,000 Costume [Kobushi Boots]
125,000 150 Star Stone Fragments
150,000 Live Energy
200,000 100 Star Stone Fragments
250,000 Costume [Kobushi Jacket]
300,000 100 Star Stone Fragments
400,000 3 Live Energy
500,000 Costume [Kobushi Gloves]
750,000 150 Star Stone Fragments
1,000,000 150 Star Stone Fragments
1,100,000 150 Star Stone Fragments
1,200,000 200 Star Stone Fragments
1,300,000 5 Live Energy
1,400,000 200 Star Stone Fragments
1,500,000 200 Star Stone Fragments
1,600,000 200 Star Stone Fragments
1,800,000 200 Star Stone Fragments
2,000,000 200 Star Stone Fragments


The big prize in this week's event Gacha is the UR Nakanishi Kana.

Event Costume

There are two costumes for this event. One costume, based on S/mileage's Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita, can only be collected from playing the costume Gacha (which costs one Star Stone per pull).

The second one is based on Kobushi Factory's Osu! Kobushi Tamashii. There are 5 parts to it. The jacket, pants, boots and gloves are collection rewards, while the headband is a Live Drop. Its Stage Appeal is Heat Up (Big).


This event might be based on Kōhaku Uta Gassen, a yearly TV show on the last day of the year, where musicians perform against each other. These groups are also divided into one red and one white team. However, this would be very ironic since Hello! Project hasn't been invited to Kōhaku Uta Gassen for years.

This event also introduces photo cards, which use a real photo instead of a drawn image on the card.

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