The Happy Birthday Event is an event point collection event. The big prizes are 3 °C-ute cards (Yajima Maimi, Nakajima Saki and Hagiwara Mai) in their Kiss me Aishiteru outfits - all of them celebrate their birthdays during this week, hence the name "Birthday Event".

Collection Rewards

The cards are available at the following points:

  • Yajima Maimi: 100,000, 200,000, 400,000, 630,000, 1,000,000, 1,500,000
  • Nakajima Saki: 10,000, 130,000, 260,000, 480,000, 700,000, 1,150,000
  • Hagiwara Mai: 25,000, 160,000, 330,000, 560,000, 850,000, 1,300,000

There's also costume rewards at 500 (Bracelet), 2,000 (Shoes) and 4,000 (One-piece) points. Additionally, you can get some chocolates (used to refill your life) at 15,000, 50,000, 610,000 and 910,000 points.

The other rewards are Star Stone Fragments.

Bonus cards

The previous event's prizes give you a bonus as well as current gacha cards and some other cards from previous events.

Current event's event cards:

  • SSR Yajima Maimi: 75%
  • SSR Nakajima Saki: 75%
  • SSR Hagiwara Mai: 75%

Current event's gacha cards:

  • SSR Ishida Ayumi: 300%
  • SSR Sato Masaki: 200%
  • SSR Oda Sakura: 150%
  • SR Makino Maria: 100%

From the last event:

  • SSR Kudo Haruka: 100%
  • SR Tamura Meimi: 50%



Birthday Gacha

A bunch of new cards has been added. These are mostly Morning Musume Brainstorming themed cards.

Event Costume

This week's event costume is based on Juice=Juice's Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimete yo. Its Stage Appeal is Dance Ace. The parts can be collected through point rewards and live drops.


Juice=Juice's Karada Dake ga Otona ni Nattan ja nai has been added to the game on the first day.

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