Also known as "Hello! Pro Aki no Bingo Taikai" or "Hello! Pro Fall Bingo Tournament" ("Hello! Pro Aki no Bingo Taikai Kaisai")

This event is completely different from the previous events. You play a Live and the last number of your score will be marked on a Bingo Card. If you can fill one row on the card you will get a reward, and the more rows you fill the more (and better) rewards you get.

Bingo Card


  • 1 row: R Sayashi Riho
  • 2-4 rows: 25 Star Stone Fragments
  • 5 rows: R Kanazawa Tomoko
  • 6-8 rows: 25 Star Stone Fragments
  • 9 rows: SR Wada Ayaka
  • 10-12 rows: 30 Star Stone Fragments
  • 13 rows: R Sayashi Riho
  • 14 rows: 30 Star Stone Fragments
  • 15 rows: Costume (Maiden Boots)
  • 16 rows: 30 Star Stone Fragments
  • 17 rows: R Kanazawa Tomoko
  • 18-19 rows: 30 Star Stone Fragments
  • 20 rows: SSR Hamaura Ayano
  • 21-23 rows: 40 Star Stone Fragments
  • 24 rows: R Sayashi Riho
  • 25-27 rows: 40 Star Stone Fragments
  • 28 rows: R Kanazawa Tomoko
  • 29-31 rows: 40 Star Stone Fragments
  • 32 rows: SR Wada Ayaka
  • 33-34 rows: 40 Star Stone Fragments
  • 35 rows: SSR Suzuki Airi

Silver Week Special Gacha

Silver Week Gacha The Silver Week Gacha is filled with cards whose costume's have been used in an H!P release. You can find:

  • Okai Chisato in the costume for Adam to Eve no Dilemma
  • Wada Ayaka
    Wada AyakaSSR03
    in the costume for Nana Korobi Ya Oki
  • Miyazaki Yuka and Kanazawa Tomoko in their costumes for First Squeeze!
  • Tsugunaga Momoko, Yamaki Risa and Inaba Manaka in their costumes for Wakatteiru no ni Gomen ne
  • Fujii Rio, Taguchi Natsumi and Wada Sakurako in their costumes for Dosukoi! Kenkyo no Daitan

Maiden Costume

The Maiden Costume is based on the costume for ANGERME's Otome no Gyakushuu. The outfit's Stage Appeal is High Tension (Big). While the top and skirt of the costume drop as Live rewards, the boots are collection rewards for 15 bingo rows.


ANGERME's Taiki Bansei has been added to the Lives on the first day of the event.

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