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  • Juandalyn

    New rarity: AR

    July 7, 2017 by Juandalyn

    For a few days now a new kind of rarity has been added to the game: Animation Rarity, short AR.

    The first new card is Kanazawa Tomoko:

    To be honest I'm not exactly sure where to put this new rarity int…

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  • Juandalyn

    From the latest update on you might have seen this information on your screen (for a few seconds):

    Here's a translation for it:


    Haro Pro Tap Live is a service in Japan only.

    Use outside of Japan will n…

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  • Juandalyn

    Some days ago (March 29 to be precise) the developers introduced a new song mode: NEXT STAGE, or NEXT for short.

    This mode still uses a lot of the typical button tapping that you're used to, but it al…

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Sasaki Rikako

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Iikubo Haruna

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Kamikokuryo Moe

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Wada Ayaka

Wada AyakaSSR23
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Hirose Ayaka

Hirose AyakaSSR08
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Wada Ayaka

Wada AyakaSSR24
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Hirose Ayaka

Hirose AyakaSSR09

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