Iwai Renewal Kinen Event Banner Renewal
Start (JST) April 12 2016 17:00
End (JST) April 19 2016 13:59
End (PST) April 19 10:59pm
Fukumura MizukiVR01 icon Fukumura Mizuki
Gacha, VR
Nakanishi KanaSSR07 icon Nakanishi Kana
Ticket Gacha, SSR
Miyazaki YukaSSR09 icon Miyazaki Yuka
Gacha, SSR
Katsuta RinaSSR07 icon Katsuta Rina
Gacha, SSR
Taguchi NatsumiSSR03 icon Taguchi Natsumi
Gacha, SSR

The Iwai Renewal Kinen Event (祝リニューアル記念イベント; Renewal Congratulation Memorial Event) is the Point Collection and Event Point Ranking event of April 2016.

Bonus Cards

The bonus cards are the same as last event:

  • SSR Suzuki Airi (Dance de Bakoon ver.), +300%
  • SR Katsuta Rina, +100%
  • SSR Miyazaki Yuka (Ijiwaru Shinaide ver.), +300%
  • SSR Takagi Sayuki (Ijiwaru Shinaide ver.), +300%
  • SSR Hamaura Ayano (Sakura Night Fever ver.), +300%
  • SSR Wada Ayaka (Dondengaeshi ver.), +100%
  • UR Suzuki Airi, +150%
  • SSR Kishimoto Yumeno (Snack ver.), +80%
  • SSR Kishimoto Yumeno (New Fes ver.), +80%
  • SR Kishimoto Yumeno (H!P Winter Concert ver.), +30%
  • SSR Suzuki Airi (Kiss me Aishiteru ver.), +50%
  • SR Miyazaki Yuka (Wonderful World ver.), +25%
  • UR Miyamoto Karin, +150%
  • SSR Suzuki Kanon (Oh my wish! ver.), +100%
  • SR Yajima Maimi, +50%
  • SR Tamura Meimi, +50%


Fortunately, this time we get new event cards available in the Gacha. The SSR Kana card is part of the Ticket Gacha, while the others can be found in the Star Stone Gacha.


This event's costume is based on Kobushi Factory's Chotto Muchoku ni! Chototsu Moushin. The headpeace can be collected through event points, but the other two parts are ranking rewards. The Stage Appeal is Sound Ace.


This event is the first to take place after the big update of April 12 2016.

It also introduces the VR cards, which plays the voice of the member.

Kobushi Factory's Osu! Kobushi Tamashii! has been added to the game during this event.

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