Merry Christmas from Hello!Pro Christmas1
Start (JST) 14:00 December 10 2014
End (JST) 13:59 December 25 2014
Yajima MaimiSSR01 icon Yajima Maimi
Event Gacha, SSR
Fukumura MizukiSR01 icon Fukumura Mizuki
Event Gacha, SR
Sayashi RihoSR02 icon Sayashi Riho
Event Gacha, SR

During this Christmas event, the sound while tapping a note has been replaced by sleigh bells and in Fever Mode, Christmas lights lit up.

In the Gacha, you'll be able to get 3 Christmas cards. SSR Maimi, SR Mizuki, and SR Riho.


It is possible to get a Christmas limited stage costumes after live clear. These costumes have the skill High Tension (Large).

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