Score Point Event Banner score point
Start (JST) August 2 2016 17:00
End (JST) August 9 2016 13:59
End (PST) August 9 10:59pm
Yajima MaimiSSR23 icon Yajima Maimi
Ranking Reward, SSR
Hirose AyakaSSR06 icon Hirose Ayaka
Gacha, SSR
Wada AyakaSSR17 icon Wada Ayaka
Gacha, SSR

The Score Point Event is a new ranking event from August 2016. The twist for this event is that the event points you get depend on the score you reach. For every 10,000 points in your score you get one event point. Or short: Your score minus the last 4 numbers is the amount of event points you get.

Ranking Rewards

  • 1-10
    • SSR Yajima Maimi x2
    • 500 Star Stone Fragments
  • 11-50
    • SSR Yajima Maimi x2
    • 400 Star Stone Fragments
  • 51-100
    • SSR Yajima Maimi
    • 350 Star Stone Fragments
  • 101-300
    • SSR Yajima Maimi
    • 300 Star Stone Fragments
  • 301-500
    • SSR Yajima Maimi
    • 250 Star Stone Fragments
  • 501-750
    • SSR Yajima Maimi
    • 200 Star Stone Fragments
  • 751-1000
    • SSR Yajima Maimi
    • 150 Star Stone Fragments
  • 1001-1500
    • 100 Star Stone Fragments
  • 1501-3500
    • 75 Star Stone Fragments
  • 3501-5000
    • 50 Star Stone Fragments


Birthday gacha augustCg gacha

This event has no own gacha, it takes over the gacha from the last event. On the first day of the event a special Country Girls gacha has been held.


There is no costume for this event.


This is the first event where your points depend on your scores.

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