Snow Fes Banner Snow Fes
Start (JST) January 12 2016 17:00
End (JST) January 19 2015 13:59
End (PST) January 19 10:59pm
Yajima MaimiSSR09 icon Yajima Maimi
Point Gacha, SSR
Ogata HarunaSR02 icon Ogata Haruna
Point Gacha, SR
Sato MasakiSSR10 icon Sato Masaki
Gacha, SSR
Kudo HarukaSSR11 icon Kudo Haruka
Gacha, SSR
Ikuta ErinaSSR10 icon Ikuta Erina
Gacha, SSR
Nakajima SakiSR08 icon Nakajima Saki
Gacha, SR

Snow Fes, also known as Yuki Fes / 雪フェス, is a Point Gacha event. You collect points, so called Snow Points, from Lives and use them in the special Point Gacha.

Snow Point Gacha

The big fish in the Snow Point Gacha are the SSR Yajima Maimi and SR Ogata Haruna card. It contains other SSR cards as well.

Star Stone Gacha

The Star Stone Gacha for this event features SSR cards for Fukumura Mizuki, Ikuta Erina and Kudo Haruka as well as an SR card for Nakajima Saki.

Bonus Cards

To gather more points you can use special bonus cards. Star Stone Gacha cards give you more bonus than previous event's rewards or Point Gacha cards.

From the previous event:

  • SSR Kudo Haruka (ranking reward), +100%
  • SR Tamura Meimi (ranking reward), +25%
  • SSR Suzuki Airi (collection reward), +100%
  • SSR Wada Ayaka (collection reward), +50%
  • SSR Miyazaki Yuka (bingo), +100%
  • SR Iikubo Haruna (collection reward), +25%
  • SR Okai Chisato (Gacha), +25%

From this event:

  • SSR Yajima Maimi (Point Gacha), +50%
  • SR Ogata Haruna (Point Gacha), +25%
  • SSR Fukumura Mizuki (Gacha), +300%
  • SSR Kudo Haruka (Gacha), +300%
  • SSR Ikuta Erina (Gacha), +300%
  • SR Nakajima Saki (Gacha), +100%
  • SSR Fukumura Mizuki (3+1 Gacha), +500%

Older cards:

  • SR Fukumura Mizuki (Seishun Kozou ver.), +50%
  • SR Yajima Maimi (Hinafest ver.), +50%

Snow Costume

The snow costume features 4 parts that all drop as Live Rewards. The costumes Stage Appeal is Fashion Ace.

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