• After some wait, Juandalyn and I are now the wiki Admins! We can finally delete unwanted files and update the site. I am very excited to do more to make this wiki awesome.

    Some updates:

    • New favicon
    • Event countdown timer is working
    • Navigation bar has more content
    • Chat feature
    • Better forums

    To come:

    • Image wordmark
    • File clean-up (get rid of duplicate images)
    • Array extension - This will make some templates doable.

    Feel free to discuss and offer suggestions on better wiki features! 

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    • If you need any help i'll love to help :3 have seen i have some cards which isn't on so could sent those. Also for those cards which has a version with signature and a version without we could use the same as you have used on the front page with the two event cards :3 have atleast two with both version also. Can try help with other things if needed too ovo  

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    • That'd be awesome! I was planning on writing a "how to help" post soon. For now adding cards and maybe data would be the best. Rikki hasn't been on since months I had to do the work, and I'm a bit busy at the moment, so I'm grateful for every helping hand.

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    • x3 allright will work on it

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    • A FANDOM user
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