The Toku-Toku-Event is an event in June 2017. It consists of a point gacha and point collection rewards.

Collection Rewards

276 1

276 2

276 3

276 4

276 5

276 6

276 7

276 8

276 9

276 10

Point Gacha

The main rewards are the GR and SSR Tsugunaga Momoko cards (Good Boy Bad Girl vers.). Additionally to that, a special SSR Kanazawa Tomoko card (Wonderful World) is in the gacha. As always SR cards of all leaders are in the gacha as well.

For Tsugunaga Momoko's graduation a special gacha is held. It includes most of her cards, as well as two new signed cards (LE and UR).


Seishun kozou

The event costume is based on Morning Musume.'15's Seishun Kozou ga Naiteru. All four parts drop as Live Rewards.


This is the last event to feature Tsugunaga Momoko.

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