Toku-Toku-Gacha Event August Banner toku august
Start (JST) August 2 2016 17:00
End (JST) August 9 2016 13:59
End (PST) August 9 10:59pm
Takeuchi AkariSSR10 icon Takeuchi Akari
Point Gacha, SSR
Yajima MaimiSSR23 icon Yajima Maimi
Log-in Bonus, SSR
Hirose AyakaSSR06 icon Hirose Ayaka
Gacha, SSR
Wada AyakaSSR17 icon Wada Ayaka
Gacha, SSR

The Toku-Toku-Gacha Event is a Point Gacha event in August 2016.

Special Cards

  • Point Gacha
    • SSR Takeuchi Akari, +80%
  • Birthday Gacha
    • SSR Wada Ayaka, +500%
    • SSR Hirose Ayaka, +500%
  • Others
    • UR Ikuta Eria, +600%
    • SSR Kudo Haruka (Ai no Gundan vers.), +80%
    • SSR Wada Ayaka (Tsugitsugi vers.), +250%
    • SSR Wada Ayaka (Desugita vers.), +150%
    • SSR Wada Ayaka (Dondengaeshi vers.), +80%
    • SSR Hirose Ayaka (Sakura Night Fever vers.), +250%
    • SSR Hirose Ayaka (Dosukoi vers.), +150%
    • SSR Hirose Ayaka (Osu! Photocard vers.), +80%
  • Campaign Cards
    • SSR Fukumura Mizuki (Utakata Photocard vers.), +80%
    • SSR Yajima Maimi (Naze Hito Photocard vers.), +80%
  • Costume Bonus
    • Bacchikoi Seishun (Top: +120%, Boots: +120%, Hat: +60%)
    • One Two Three (Top: +30%, Skirt: +30%, Boots: +20%, Ribbon: +40%, Arm Ribbon: +20%)
    • Kanashiki Heaven (Top: +30%, Shorts: +30%, Boots: +20%, Gloves: +20%)
    • Dondengaeshi (Dress: +60%, Boots: +20%, Arm Accessoire: +20%)
    • Dosukoi (Top: +30%, Skirt: +30%, Boots: +20%, Arm Accessoire: +20%)


Toku gacha augustBirthday gacha augustANGERME gacha august

The Point Gacha contains the event card, SSR Takeuchi Akari. The Birthday Girls this month, Wada Ayaka and Hirose Ayaka, get SSR Kai cards with high event bonus. Also, to celebrate Dot Bikini a special ANGERME gacha is held on the first day of the event.


The costume for this event is based on S/mileage's Dot Bikini. There are 5 parts to it, all have the Stage Appeal Heat Up (Big). The top, skirt and boots drop as Live Rewards. The hairornament is a reward for mastering the quest of playing Dot Bikini on Easy on August 3. The last part, the arm charm, is a log-in reward.


There have been two events with the same name, the Toku-Toku-Gacha Event and the Toku Toku Gacha Event.

S/mileage's Dot Biki has been added on the first day of the event.

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