Toku-Toku-Gacha Event SP Banner spfebruary
Start (JST) February 14 2017 17:00
End (JST) February 17 2017 23:59
End (PST) February 17 2017 03:59am
Okai ChisatoSSR25 icon Okai Chisato
Point Gacha, SSR
Sasaki RikakoSSR08 icon Sasaki Rikako
Point Gacha, SSR
Asakura KikiSSR03 icon Asakura Kiki
Point Gacha (Secret), SSR Kai

The Toku-Toku-Gacha Event SP is a Gacha event in February 2017.


The two big prizes are an SSR Okai Chisato (Jinsei wa STEP! photocard vers.) and an SSR Sasaki Rikako (Itoshima Distance vers.). The rest of the gacha is filled with several N and R cards as well as some SR cards. There is a secret card as well, which turned out to be an SSR Kai Asakura Kiki.


The event costume is based on Morning Musume's Help me!!. It's Stage Appeal is Heat Up (Big), all 5 parts drop as Live Drops.


Morning Musume's Renai Hunter has been added on the first day of the event.

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