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  • Juandalyn

    New rarity: AR

    July 7, 2017 by Juandalyn

    For a few days now a new kind of rarity has been added to the game: Animation Rarity, short AR.

    The first new card is Kanazawa Tomoko:

    To be honest I'm not exactly sure where to put this new rarity into the succession. I imagine it's at the same level as the VR cards, as they're basically gimmick cards (VRs being voices, ARs being animated.)

    N < R < SR < SSR < SSR Kai < GR  =/< VR = AR (?) < UR < LR

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  • Juandalyn

    From the latest update on you might have seen this information on your screen (for a few seconds):

    Here's a translation for it:


    Haro Pro Tap Live is a service in Japan only.

    Use outside of Japan will not be covered by the service of this application.

    When it is found out [that you're using this app outside of Japan], it is issued to the target customer. The account will also be suspended from this service.

    Please acknowledge it beforehand.

    Yes, this means that your account might be closed because you're not playing from Japan. I'm not exactly sure why they would be doing this, maybe there's some legal stuff going on, but be prepared. From now on you won't be able to play the game with a non-Japanese ID anymore either. When done loading the game…

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  • Juandalyn

    Some days ago (March 29 to be precise) the developers introduced a new song mode: NEXT STAGE, or NEXT for short.

    This mode still uses a lot of the typical button tapping that you're used to, but it also introduces two new ways to "tap": Flick and Swipe. 

    Flick buttons are the ones with the little arrows on them. The idea is simple: Instead of tapping them when they reach the tap area you flick them in the direction they're showing. Means, if an arrow shows left you flick to the left side instead of tapping the button. Swipe are little whirl buttons and work similar to the star buttons in the usual gameplay: You hold the note. The difference is that you end the note at a different button than where it started. You more or less "swipe" your fi…

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  • Juandalyn

    Catalogue - 500 to 599

    February 23, 2017 by Juandalyn

    Number Visual

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  • Juandalyn

    Catalogue - 600 to 699

    February 11, 2017 by Juandalyn

    Number Visual

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