Utakata Bakubaku Event Banner Utakata
Start (JST) May 9 2016 17:00
End (JST) May 17 2016 13:59
End (PST) May 17 10:59pm
Fukumura MizukiSSR14 icon Fukumura Mizuki
Point Gacha, SSR
Suzuki KanonSSR10 icon Suzuki Kanon
Gacha, SSR
Tamura MeimiSSR07 icon Tamura Meimi
Gacha, SSR

The Utakata Bakubaku Event is the point gacha event of May 2016.


Utakata Gacha

The Point Gacha is filled with a few older SR and SSR cards. The main prize this time is a SSR Fukumura Mizuki, which had been introduced some weeks ago.

The two new big prizes in the Star Stone Gacha are the SSR Suzuki Kanon and the SSR Tamura Meimi. Concerning their graduations these might be their last cards, so go for them.


They reused the ENDLESS SKY costume for this event. All parts drop from Lives.


Morning Musume.'16's Utakata Saturday Night has been added on May 10th.

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